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The Southwest Kansas Local Environmental Planning Group (SWKLEPG) Objectives are:

  • To improve, maintain and protect the quality of our groundwater

  • To insure future activities maintain groundwater quality

  • To protect overall public health and safety

  • To assist Landowners with septic system problems

  • To test domestic water wells.

  • To improve and maintain the quality of the water resources within Southwest Kansas.
The SWKLEPG is provided funding through the Kansas Water Plan.  State Water Plan funding is
distributed through various State departments.  Local Environmental Protection Program funds are
administered through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to develop environmental
protection programs in each county.

The objectives of the local program is to conduct activities related to the prevention and
correction of water contamination.

This in turn will protect the health and insure a safe water supply for future generations as well.
Eight counties in Southwest Kansas pooled their resources to form the SWKLEPG.  Counties currently
participating are: Clark, Finney, Gray, Hamilton, Hodgeman, Kearny, Meade and Stanton.  Each
County has a representative on the SWKLEPG Board of Directors. The Board of Directors directs the
activities of the staff.
The SWKLEPG assists landowners, county agencies, conservation districts, and contractors with
concerns on water quality in domestic water wells and wastewater (septic) systems.  

Scott Selee is the Southwest Kansas Local Environmental Planning Group Director/Technician who
assists with the design of both new and existing wastewater systems.  Mr Selee helps insure that new
and upgraded systems meet the minimum State standards set by Bulletin 4-2 and County Codes.

Mr. Selee also assists county conservation personnel with plans for existing systems that are applying
for the cost-share program through the county conservation district.
This Project is made possible all or in part through financial assistance provided by the State Water Plan Fund through a grant agreement with the
Kansas Department of Health and Environment,
Watershed Management.
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Environmental Planning Group